What is it?
The Philip David Gray Memorial Trust Vietnamese University Fees Scholarship is a grant to cover University fees for Vietnamese students who are studying in areas that can contribute to the development of Vietnam, such as rural development, urban planning or social care. The scholarship programme is organised in collaboration with the Center for Training and Community Development, a Vietnamese charity.

2018-19 Round of
Vietnamese University Scholarships

The deadline for applications for 2018-19 scholarships has now passed.
We wish to thank all those students who have applied. Unfortunately, we have received many more applications than there are scholarships available, so only a few applications can be selected for stage two of the application process.
Applicants will be informed by 31 July if they are invited to continue to stage two.

How much is it for?

The scholarship will cover the annual University fees during the student’s degree programme. The award will normally be made for the duration of a programme of study, subject to the recipient continuing to meet the award criteria.

Who is it for?

The scholarship is open to Vietnamese nationals currently studying at a Vietnamese University. Decisions on the award of scholarships will, in addition to academic ability and financial need, consider the potential of the award to contribute to Vietnamese development with respect to the alleviation of poverty, such as the improvement of:

  • the delivery of health and social care,
  • the national infrastructure in terms of provision of housing, water, power and transport,
  • the Vietnamese natural environment, or
  • the provision of education.

How Do I apply for a scholarship?

Details of the application process will be announced as part of the next call for applications.

How is an application assessed?

Applications are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need
  • Academic promise and performance (School transcript, entrance examinations and university results plus letters of reference will be relevant here.)
  • Suitability of the programme of study given the aims of the scholarship programme (Note: A student’s choice of subject for study and future career plans will be relevant here. In stage 1, applicants will be invited to write a case for support that explains how their application meets these criteria.)

Existing scholarships will be reviewed annually to ensure that the recipient continues to meet these criteria.