Our Scholars Speak: Pham Thi Trang

I am Pham Thi Trang, a final-year student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. I received PDG Memorial Trust Vietnamese University Fees Scholarship from my third year of university.

I found out about the PDG scholarship by accident. One summer day, after classes and part-time work, I came home in a rather sad mood because the school fees were due soon. Then I opened my laptop, searched on Google for scholarships for students. And fortunately, at that time, PDG scholarship was opening an application. I read and prepared the application very carefully. In the interview, I shared many things with Ms. Binh, Ms. Hang Anh, and the sisters who also advised and helped me orient and understand myself better. The day I heard about the scholarship, I was very surprised, so glad I hugged my friend sitting next to me and shouted with joy.

With the PDG Trust’s help, I don’t have to worry about tuition fees anymore. I can focus more time on studying. Especially during the stressful COVID-19 epidemic, at that time I was stuck in a hostel in Hanoi, living very frugally. With the help of the fund, they helped me get through that difficult time. In the final term, when I had to focus on my graduation project, the fund supported for me. The biggest regret is that I
have not participated in the Vietnam Summer School of Science. This is a special opportunity to help fund members across the country gather to share. The fund supports participating students with travel expenses. For 2 years, I was stuck with the school’s exam schedule, so I couldn’t participate.

Having been accompanied by the fund for more than 2 years, since I was the youngest member, with the help of my brothers and sisters, now I am the leader of the scholarship fund group and share many things with the members of the fund. Thanks to the help from the fund, I have more motivation to study. I am currently in the final semester of my graduation project, graduating 1 semester earlier than the program. In the next 2 months, I plan to have an exchange course in Japan for 3 months.

PDG Trust is a family that has been with me throughout my college years. I am always proud to be a member of PDG Trust. I hope to be able to travel to many places, learn many things, and share my stories in the future. I hope that PDG will support suitable and deserving students, and we will strive to fulfill our dreams.