Our Scholars Speak: Nguyen Thi Hao Nhi


Nguyen Thi Hao Nhi

Nguyen Thi Hao Nhi is a final-year student at Hue University of Education, majoring in Advanced Physics, a joint program with the University of Virginia USA.

Born into a working family in Quang Nam, Nhi is well aware of her situation and determined to overcome difficulties. She has been studying hard since childhood and has achieved outstanding results like winning first prize in the Physics Contest for 12th graders in Quang Ninh province and being the top student for the entrance exam to the University of Physics Hue Pedagogy in 2015.

Since childhood she has had a burning passion for science and technology. That’s why Nhi has pursued a Physics degree. Nhi shared, “During my university years, I was very fortunate to receive support from teachers and scholarships. In particular, the PDG Trust scholarship has probably brought me many significant changes. Thanks to the support of the fund, I can cover my tuition and invest more in books and materials to learn foreign languages. Also, the fund supports me with a certain amount to complete my graduation thesis.

Nhi participated in the Particles, Gravitation and Universe Conference in December 2018.

Nhi has received a letter of recommendation for scholarships from the Paris Saclay School for the M1-General Physics degree program. In addition, Nhi went through an interview round for government-funded scholarship programs for a Master’s degree in Nano & Information Technology from the Korean UST University and KIST. She is awaiting the official results. Nhi is always proud and finds herself lucky to have the support of the big PDG family and her teachers, brothers and sisters.

Update July 2020

Nhi is currently studying for a Masters degree in General Physics at Université Paris-Saclay.